Love Them Now

When it comes time to remember and celebrate a loved one, the process of sifting through memories is a difficult task. Nowadays we are so busy that we miss out on interacting with and enjoying the moments that we are in. Time can get away from us, and sometimes it can take the loss of a loved one to bring us back to the reality of how short and precious life really is. It’s not too late to cherish our time with those we love.

We need to “love them now.”

At the O’Donnell-Thurman Life Celebration Home, we wish to encourage you to focus on taking time to remember the good times you have with the people closest to you and to intentionally embrace the future memories now as they happen. The “Love them now” campaign is geared to bring attention to making the most of the time that we have now with the ones we care about most. Time does move very quickly, and if we don’t purposefully hold onto it, we may look back wishing we had more of it.

As a funeral home, many times we are associated with death, but we would rather embrace the life that we have to live. If we spent more time enjoying the time we have now rather than waiting until it’s gone, we could have more meaningful memories to hold on to.

If you wish to “love them now,” we will continue to share ideas and examples here of how you can live out that practice. From practical tips to purposeful reminders, we wish to help you spend your time in a manner worthy of the greatest celebration.

Life is short and how you spend yours will determine how your loved ones will remember and be remembered. Love them now!


Love them now tip

Sometimes the best memories are those made when food is involved. This summer, pack a lunch or grab some food on the go and find a nice grassy area to enjoy a meal with someone close to you. Or invite the whole family. There are plenty of food groups that go with celebrating summer. Enjoy your time with your family and friends. Today is a great time to love the now!